DIY Early 2000’s-Inspired Frosted Lip

I love a good DIY makeup hack, and when I asked my good friend and fellow makeup addict, Taylor, what product she was wearing the first time I saw her rock this frosty throwback lip I was thrilled to hear it was her own custom concoction! She graciously agreed to collaborate with me for this post to show you all how to channel your inner pop Diva a la 2002 with a modern day edge!

“You know the last scene of the Lizzie McGuire movie? That’s pretty much what I was going for…” she tells me as we’re getting ready to start shooting. I’ve seen the movie but can’t remember the scene that well. She pulls up a still of a young Hilary Duff on her phone and I give her a knowing “Ahhh, yes!” as I’m brought back to the days of Limited Too and Delia’s. I also know she is a big fan of Mandy Moore (we may or may not have had a singalong to “Candy” in the car in the last 6 months…) so I know Taylor was definitely inspired by her looks from this time period as well.

It just so happens that the early 2000’s have made a come back in pop culture in the last couple years so this lip look would be a great look for festival season or just getting together with friends!

DIY 2000’s-Inspired Frosted Lip

Taylor used a free sample of Tarte’s Lispurgence Skintuitive Lip Gloss and Loreal’s Infallible 24HR Eye Shadow in Silver Sky to create this look in two easy steps.


Start with natural lips…


And then apply a few coats of your chosen gloss


Then use your finger to dab eyeshadow onto your lips


The shimmer comes off subtle in the photos but is definitely visible in person, so this is good if you’re not looking to make too much of a statement

FirstFinal FirstFinal2

For a more intense shimmer, make sure you layer that shadow on thick and don’t be afraid to test out fun gloss and shadow combos!



Let me know how you rock this look in the comments!


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